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365 EA with Unified Support Dashboard

The Microsoft 365 EA with Unified Support Dashboard in PyraCloud provides an overview for Microsoft 365 EA customers who purchased our unified support service.

The dashboard provides:

  • A single point of access to relevant parts of the PyraCloud platform (i.e. invoices, user administration, collaboration site etc.)
  • Product usage
  • Subscription assignment details
  • Help & support tickets
  • Service recommendations and articles
Figure 1 – Microsoft 365 EA and Unified Support Dashboard

Selecting your Tenant

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Figure 2 – Tenant Selector (example taken from 365Simple Dashboard)

If you have multiple Microsoft tenants, you will see a dropdown next to your tenant name on the dashboard, allowing you to switch between tenants.

When you switch tenant, the widget values in the dashboard will change accordingly.

As tenants are permission based, some users may not see all available customer tenants.

Permission Based Widgets

Widgets like “Invoices”, “Add user” and “Service Review” are based on user or content permissions.

If you are unable to see the widgets, contact your administrator to check your permissions.

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Figure 3 – Permission Based Widget

Product Usage & Subscriptions Assignment

In contrast to billing information, it is not possible to show usage and subscription assignment per agreement (this is not supported by vendors). Therefore “Product Usage” and “Top 5 Assigned Subscriptions” show information per Microsoft tenant (as noted on the yellow label within each widget).

Figure 5 – Product Usage

The “Product Usage” widget provides you with an overview of active and inactive licenses and highlights opportunities to adjust use vs. cost ratio. By clicking on the widget you are taken to 365Analytics where more in-depth analysis can be performed.

Note: Users without permission will not be able to access 365Analytics.

Figure 6 – Top 5 Assigned Subscriptions

“Top 5 Subscriptions By Assigned” can also be used to evaluate subscription utilisation and accompanying costs. Clicking on the widget will take you to a full consumption report where you can see a more detailed analysis.

Service Recommendations & Articles

One of the biggest advantages for our customers is access to custom tailored recommendations.

All 365 recommendations are provided directly, articles are written by SoftwareONE experts and are backed by data driven intelligence.

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Figure 7 – 365Simple Recommendations

Help and Support Overview

This widget provides a quick overview of all requests and incidents reported in the past 90 days including their respective status.

If no tickets have been logged, users will have the option to create a new request/incident.

Clicking on the widget takes you to the “Help and Support” page where all ticket details can be found.

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Figure 8 – Help and Support Overview

Recent News from Microsoft

365Simple customers can also quickly check the latest Microsoft 365 news without leaving the platform. Highly versatile filters can narrow down new features by products that are already rolled out, products that are planned and/or products that are currently in development.

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Figure 9 – Microsoft 365 News
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Figure 10 – Filters

Data Refresh Rate

As 365Simple surfaces data from multiple platform systems, there may be a difference in data refresh rate across the widgets. The below table describes each widget and its data refresh rate.

WidgetRefresh rate
Recommendationsonce a day
Product Usageonce a day
Top 5 Subscriptions by Assignedonce a day
Support ticketsevery hour (after page refresh)
Service Articleslatest with every page refresh
Service Reviewlatest with every page refresh
Updated on April 19, 2021

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