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View Invoices

PyraCloud provides a single view into all the open invoices.

You can filter invoices by country, business unit, cost center and more to develop a clear view on both global and business unit spend.

To access invoices click on “Inventory” in the main PyraCloud navigation bar and select “Invoices”.

Figure 1 – Invoices Menu

This will take you to the “Invoices” page where you will see a list of invoices that have been created.

Figure 2 – Invoices Page

The filters mentioned below can be applied to the invoice:

  • Filter by document date: the invoice can be searched by the invoice creation date
  • Filter by PO number: the invoice can be searched by entering the PO number in the search box
  • Invoice status: the invoice can be searched by its status i.e. All/open/paid/overdue/open without overdue.

Clicking on an invoice will open up the Invoice Details as shown below:

Figure 3 – Invoice Details

From here you can:

  • View further information about the products
  • See the history of this transaction and link to more detail
  • View the contracts asociated with this transaction

If you need more information about Quotes and Orders or how PyraCloud can help with your end-to-end software transactions please click on the hyperlinks to read the knowledge articles.

Updated on December 7, 2020

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