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Buy Products and Services using PyraCloud.

PyraCloud Marketplace is an e-commerce platform developed to support you to buy products and services, check prices as well as view and manage transactions (quotes, orders, invoices).

On the PyraCloud home page, click on the “Buy” icon on the left bar that called the ‘main PyraCloud navigation bar‘.

A new menu bar will open with further options related to the buying process. Select the first item called “Products and Services“.

Figure 1 – Buying Products and Services

The system will redirect you to our ‘Product and Services Catalog‘, which contains the SoftwareONE products and services available for you as shown below:

Figure 2 – Search Products and Services Page

You can start your search on the Products tab by entering the keyword(s) for the product in the search box ‘Search for‘ on the top left hand inside the grey area.

NOTE: The grey area can be hided. Please click on the Hide Search label in case you cannot to find it.

You can also select the Publisher, the Product Family, and finally the Product Category to filter the product and services selection, then click on the blue Search button on your right to view your search results.

Figure 3 – Product Search

To select more filters please click on the Show more filters label

On the search results, click on the three dots icon under the Action column at the end of the table and select ‘Add to Cart‘ to add the item to your shopping cart or click View to see more information about the product:

Figure 4 – Add to Cart
Figure 5 – Details about the product

You can access your Shopping Cart through the green pop-up on your screen or go back to the ‘main PyraCloud navigation bar‘ to review your selected products items.

Figure 6 – Access Shopping Cart
Figure 7 – Access Shopping Cart

On the very top right-hand corner of your screen, you can also click on the Shopping Cart icon as well.

Figure 8 – Shopping Cart Icon
Updated on August 13, 2021

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