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Cloud Journey Report

SoftwareONE is uniquely positioned to help businesses on their cloud journey, and with our xSimple customers in mind we have built a complementary report for our “Simple” views.

Note: We currently only support AzureSimple service.

PyraCloud “Cloud Journey Report” gives our Simple customers a unique insight into market competitors share of cloud services, which paints a picture of their own position compared to those competitors. By analyzing this information, our customers can take full advantage of improving their operations, maximize cloud features and optimize their cloud cost.

“Market Competitors” are companies of a similar size and from the same industry.

PyraCloud “Cloud Journey Report” is divided into 4 sections:

  1. Comparison Panel
  2. Information Panel
  3. Managed Service Panel
  4. Service Articles Panel

Comparison Panel

This is the backbone of the “Cloud Journey Report”, where users can easily see their position in cloud service usage compared to their market competitors.

A radar chart outlines service use across cloud service categories, and any gaps are easily identified.

Figure 1 – Radar Chart

For a better understanding of their market competitors share across categories, and why they may utilize given services, users can find a list of every category with its share. They will also find relevant articles which describe the benefits of using those respective services, just under the radar chart.

Figure 2 – List of Articles

And under “Your service usage” tab, users can refer to a complete list of their services for comparison.

Figure 3 – Your Service Usage

Information Panel

As the name suggests, this panel gives you a brief description of your currently used SoftwareONE service. It also shows when it was last updated and you can download the report in PDF format.

Figure 4 – Information Panel

Note: for AzureSimple service data is collected once a month.

Manage Service Panel

There is so much to learn and adapt in cloud, but many organizations don’t have the time or expertise to achieve optimal results. Consequently, this leads to missing:

  • Optimal ecurity configurations
  • Cost optimization opportunities
  • Understanding of governance strategies
  • Opportunities to innovate with cloud
  • Cloud focused and automated operational outcomes
  • Optimal migration strategies and full use of the cloud
  • Understanding of cloud scope against current consumption

Whether a business is using some or many cloud resources, not having a proper strategy will lead to a lack of operational standards, security risks and wasted cloud costs.

For that reason we offer our customers an easy way to opt-in for “Managed Service”.

FIgure 5 – Managed Service Panel

Service Articles Panel

This panel is another good source of relevant articles which can help you on your “cloud journey”.

Figure 6 – Service Articles Panel
Updated on December 11, 2020

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