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Create and View Quotes

Creating a Quote

Access the shopping cart by either clicking on “Buy” in the main PyraCloud navigation bar and selecting “Shopping Cart”.

Figure 1 – Shopping Cart Menu

Or click on the Shopping Cart icon in the top right hand corner of the PyraCloud page.

Figure 2 – Shopping Cart Icon

To create a quote for the product in the cart, click on “Create Quote”.

Figure 3 – Create Quote

Clicking on “Create Quote” will open up the below page:

Figure 4 – Create Quote Page View

Fill in the required details and click on “Create Quote” which will generate the quote instantly.

You will be navigated to the “Quote Details” page as shown below.

Figure 5 – Quote Details Page

Quotes History

The “Quotes” section under the “Inventory” menu tab provides a list of all the quotes which have been generated.

To access the quotes click on the “Inventory” tab in the main PyraCloud navigation and select “Quotes”.

Figure 6 – Quotes in Inventory Tab

This will take you to the Quotes Page.

Figure 7 – List of Quotes Generated

Use the search to customize and filter your results.

Customizing Grid View

You can also customize the columns in the quote list.

On the top right hand side of the grid, click on “Customize”, this will open a list of all available columns.

Figure 8 – Customizing the Grid View

All columns that are currently displayed have checkmarks next to their names. Tick the check mark against the columns that needs to be displayed and untick the check mark against the columns that you would like to hide.

Figure 9 – Selecting Columns to Display/Hide

In order to have these customizations available on next login, click on “Save Configurations”.

To change the order of the columns, drag a column header and drop it to a new position.

Note: The quotes for which the expiry date has already passed will be invalid. In such scenarios, a fresh quote needs to be created.

In order to get a detailed view of the quote, simply click on the line item and you will be taken to the Detailed Page view.

You can also click on the magnifying glass or 3 dots (…) in the “Action” column and then click on “Details”.

Figure 10 – Action Column – Details

The “Quote Detail” page will show all the products in the quote. To view more product details, click on magnifying glass icon on right hand side as shown below:

Figure 11 – More Details Icon

Clicking on the magnifying glass icon will display the product details as shown below:

Figure 12 – More Product Details Page View

If you need more information about Orders and Invoices or how PyraCloud can help with your end-to-end software transactions please click on the hyperlinks to read the knowledge articles.

Updated on December 7, 2020

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