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How do I generate a report for overdue invoices?

To generate a report for overdue invoices please click on “Documents>Scheduled Reports”.

Figure 1 – Scheduled Reports

This will open up the Scheduled Reports Page, please click on “Create” as shown below:

Figure 2 – Creating a Scheduled Report

Clicking on Create will open the wizard window, please select “Invoices” from the Report Group dropdown and select a Report Source.

Figure 3 – Wizard Window

This will open the “Edit Scheduled Report” window where you can add filters. In the “General” tab add details like the download method and frequency.

Figure 4 – General Tab

In the “Report Filters” tab add the date range and change the “Invoice Status” to “Overdue Only” as shown below:

Figure 5 – Report Filters

Once you have clicked “Create”, you will be able to see when the report is next scheduled to generate. Should you wish to run this report at any time, you can press “Run Report”.

Figure 6 – Run Report

This will then be viewable in “Generated Reports”.

You can reference “Where can I view my generated reports” article to learn more.

Updated on October 4, 2019

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