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How do I request pricing?

In order to request pricing that is not visible in a catalog, please click on “Buy>Products and Services”.

Figure 1 – Products and Services

This will open a page where you can search for products and services. Please click on “New Request” on the top right hand side of the page as shown below:

Figure 2 – New Request

This will open the Special Quote Request page. Please fill in the details. There are a number of mandatory fields (shown in pink in the below screenshot) which are:

  • Country
  • Country of Usage
  • Product Name
  • Publisher
  • Quantity

Note: If you do not know the publisher of the product you are requesting, there is an option to select “Not in List”.

Figure 3 – Special Quote Request Form

All other fields are optional.

The “Special Instructions” field should be filled in if you need additional information on the quote, for example, a one year and three year renewal quote.

You can also upload attachments that may aid in the quote request such as license statements or a letter of authority.

Updated on October 4, 2019

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