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How to Generate your Azure EA Access Token

Access tokens are generated through the Azure EA Portal. Since tokens expire on a regular basis, you may need to follow this process to regenerate a new token if your current token has expired.

To generate your access token, follow the steps below:

Figure 1 – Sign in to Azure Portal

Make sure to log in as Enterprise Administrator. PyraCloud is using Reservation and Summary API’s which are only accessible to Administrators.

  • When the portal has opened, click the Enrollment link at the top of the screen.
Figure 2 – Enrollment Link
  • On the enrollment screen, enter your enrollment number in the Search box, and click on the tile for your enrollment.
Figure 3 – Enter your Enrollment Number
  • Make sure Department Admin (DA) charges and Account Owner (AO) charges are enabled.

If you don’t see DA/AO charge options, please contact your enrollment administrator.

Note that you can generate an access token without selecting DA/AO charges, but PyraCloud will not be able to pull your consumption figures.

  • Make sure azure marketplace is enabled, so PyraCloud can access EA marketplace purchases
Figure 5 – Azure Marketplace

  • On the Enrollment Details page, click on Reports in the left navigation bar.
Figure 6 – Reports

  • On the Usage Summary page, click the Download Usage link at the top.
Figure 7 – Download Usage

  • On the Download Usage page, click the API Access Key link at the top.
Figure 8 – API Access Key

  • On the API Access Key page, click generate.
Figure 9 – Generate

  • Click Yes and then click on Expand Key.
Figure 10 – Expand Key

Click Copy and Save this access token.

Updated on November 30, 2020

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