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How to Manage Users

The User Management feature in PyraCloud allows Admin users to manage the following:

  • Create new users
  • Change user security settings
  • Manage user feature privileges
  • Manage user access to Spend Management
  • Access or request user procurement settings
  • Manage user access to Collaboration Site folders
  • Block or enable user access to PyraCloud

This feature is available for all PyraCloud customers.

Watch the 2-minute video to see a quick overview of the User Management feature.

Access User Management

The User Management feature can only be accessed by users that have admin privileges. Admin privileges are set up for your specified users during the PyraCloud onboarding process.

In order to access User Management click on Setup>User Management as shown below:

Figure 1 – Access User Management

Browse User List

The User Management main page shows the complete list of PyraCloud users. The following user information is visible on the list:

  • Username
  • Email
  • Last login date
  • Permission

Click on “View” in the action column to view more details for a specific user.

Figure 2 – View user details

Search for a User

Use the search field to search for a specific user. Simply type the user name or email address to filter the user list.

Figure 3 – Search for users

Create New User

Choose “Add User” to create new PyraCloud user.

Figure 4 – Add users

Provide user details and select user permissions. You can also request Procurement Settings to be added for that user (refer to further sections of this document for more information).

Once you confirm, a welcome email with login details will be provided to the email address specified. The user can login immediately and start working with PyraCloud.

NOTE: Transacting over PyraCloud requires Procurement Settings to be specified.

Change User Details and Permissions

Select “Edit User” to change user security settings.

Figure 5 – Edit users

The following information is available on the edit page:

  • User details
    • First and last name (read only)
    • Email (read only)
    • Permissions
      • Admin
        • This can access User Management and edit user access.
      • User
        • Standard user permission that does not give access to User Management
  • Security Settings (you can turn settings on or off)
    • Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) after inactivity
      • If the user has not logged on for a specified amount of days, they are required to verify their next login with a second factor.
    • Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) for every login
      • Users are required to verify with a second factor for every login.
      • This setting is enabled by default.
    • Automated account blocking
      • If the user has not logged on for a specified number of days, automatically block the account.
    • Password expiration
      • Number of days after which an existing password must be changed by user.

View the List of Features Users can Access

Select the “Feature” tab on the User Details page to view user permissions.

Figure 6 – Manage user permissions

To grant or remove access to a feature, enable or disable selected feature and specify the roles to be assigned to that user.

Cannot Grant Permission

It may happen that you will be not able to give access to a selected feature or select a specific role. There may be the following reasons:

  • User has no Procurement Permissions set up
    • Solution: Request Procurement Permissions for this user. The feature will become available once these settings will be provided.
  • Role(s) are read-only
    • Solution: There may be legacy access configuration. Please contact Support for help.

Configure Spend Management Access

User Management provides extensive capabilities to define user data access for Spend Management in PyraCloud. It is possible to limit user access by Accounts or Custom Groups.

Users can limit access by choosing the “Spend Management Access” tab.

Figure 7 – Spend Management Access

Give Users Full Access

Select “Full Access” to give users full access to all Spend Management data.

NOTE: Every user has full access by default.

Figure 8 –Full Access

Limit User Access by Accounts

Choose “Accounts” to use existing Providers and Subscriptions to configure access. Click “Next” to define the access.

Figure 9 – Spend Management Access by Accounts

Choose whether the user will be able to access the following data:

  • Any Account out of existing Providers
  • Selected Cloud Accounts (Tenants)
  • Selected Subscriptions

NOTE: Defining access on the Provider level gives access to all Accounts and Subscriptions including those added in the future. Users will get access to new entities automatically. Same rule applies for defining access on the Account (Tenant) level.

Figure 10 – Select Account Access

Save changes in order to make the changes effective.

Limit User Access by Custom Groups

Choose “Custom Groups’ to give user access only to selected groups. Click “Next” to define the access.

Figure 11 – Spend Management Access by Custom Groups

Choose the groups the user can access. Selecting a group (or a branch) will allow the user to see all resources assigned to that group, and all cloud spend data related to those resources.

NOTE: Giving access to a “parent” group will allow the user to access the “parent” and all its “children” groups.

Figure 12 – Select custom groups

Save your changes in order to make the changes effective.

Access User Procurement Settings

Choose the “Procurement” tab to open current user Procurement settings. You will see all the countries where the user can procure. Choose a country to see and manage permissions. You must own sufficient privileges to edit the permissions (some of them may appear read-only). The privileges may be different depending on the country.

Figure 13 – Edit Procurement Permissions

Request Procurement Settings

Newly created users will not have Procurement Settings provided. Users need to be defined to transact through PyraCloud, therefore it may not be possible to enable some of the features for such users.

You can request for these users to be configured. First choose the “Procurement” tab and click on the “Request Procurement” option.

Figure 14 – Requesting Procurement Permissions

The Procurement Request form will be displayed. Fill in the information and confirm by clicking the “Request Procurement” option. The request will be processed by a SoftwareONE sales representative.

Figure 15 – Request Procurement Permissions Form

Manage Access to Collaboration Site Folders

You can manage user access to folders existing in the Collaboration Site. Select “Collaboration Site” tab on user details page.

Figure 16 – Manage Collaboration Site folder access

Selected folder access configuration will be immediately reflected in the Collaboration Site.

Enable and Disable User Access to PyraCloud

Control whether a selected user can access PyraCloud. Choose “Disable User” or “Enable User” to control access to the system.

Clicking on “Disable User” will mean they can no longer login.

Figure 17 – Disable users
Updated on September 23, 2021

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