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Making Payments with a Credit Card in PyraCloud

USA and Canada Only

This article explains how you can use a credit card method in PyraCloud Canada and USA.

You can follow the steps below to create your orders using your credit card and also see how can you authorize any additional payments to SoftwareONE.

Creating an Order with a Credit Card

Add a product to your shopping cart.

To get to the product search page, navigate to Buy > Products and Services

Figure 1 – Navigating to Products and Services

On this page you are able to search for the product you would like to buy. You can use different available filters to find your product from the catalogue.

Figure 2 – Search Products & Services

Once you have found the product you are looking for, add it to your Shopping Cart. To do this, simply click on the Shopping Cart icon as shown below.

Figure 3 – Adding a Product to your Shopping Cart

You will see a notification that it has been successfully added.

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Figure 4 – Success Notification

There are three ways to get to your Shopping Cart:

  1. You can click on Buy > Shopping Cart in the navigation menu.
Figure 5 – Click on Buy and then Shopping Cart
  1. The second way to get the Shopping Cart is by clicking on the Shopping Cart Button at the top right of the page.
Figure 6 – Click on the Shopping Cart Icon

  1. The third way to get to the Shopping Cart is by clicking on the Go to Shopping Cart icon in the success notification which will show up immediately after you have added a Product to your Shopping Cart.
Figure 7 – Click on Go to Shopping Cart

Creating an Order

Once in your Shopping Cart, you will see your items which you have added to the Cart. To create an Order for the product(s), click on the Create Order button.

Figure 8 – Create Order Button

This will take you to the Create Order Page. Please make sure that the contact addresses are correct.

Figure 9 – Create Order Page

To pay for the Product with a Credit Card:

Please make sure you select Wirecard – Credit Card as the Payment Method

Please add your Reference and your PO Number in to the fields. If you have a second PO Number and Special Instructions, you can write them in to the second two fields.

Figure 10 – Conditions & References

When you are ready click on the Create Order button.

A popup window opens. Please enter your Credit Card Information.

To add a new Credit Card, you will need to accept the consent request and also if you want to store your credit card information.

Figure 11 – Consent for storing credit card information

Once you have accepted, you can enter the credit card details as shown below. Simply enter your Credit Card information into the fields.

Figure 12 – Enter Credit Card

If you have already saved a Credit Card for later you can select the Credit Card by clicking on the Existing Cards dropdown menu, and select the Card.

Figure 13 – Existing Cards

Once submitted, you will be prompted for 3D secure authentication. You need to click “3D Secure Authorization” button in order to perform this authentication from your respective bank.

Figure 14 – 3D Secure Authentication

You will then be taken to the Order Detail page. This is your confirmation that the order is complete and sent to SoftwareONE.

Figure 15 – Order Detail Page

Authorizing an Order with a Credit Card

If any changes are made to the order after it is created in platform (and if those changes cause an increase in order price), you can authorize the additional amount in PyraCloud.

Accessing the Credit Card Authorization Page

There are two ways in which you can access the Credit Card Authorization Page in PyraCloud

  1. Using a direct link – Once you are logged into PyraCloud you can access the below link and this will take you to the authorization page
  2. Through the main navigation menu – From the main menu click on Buy and the select Credit Card from the drop down
Figure 16 – Navigating to Credit Card from Main Menu

This will open the below screen which will show you the order number against which you need to authorize, as well as the amount you need to authorize.

Figure 17 – Authorization

You can click on the magnifying glass to see further details about the order you are going to authorize.

The amount shown in the Requested amount column is the additional amount you need to authorize.

Authorizing the Requested Amount

  1. Click on black wallet icon to authorize the amount. This will then open the credit card window
  2. You will then be asked for consent to save the Credit Card Details. Once you accept, you will be taken to the next screen wherein you can input the card details
  3. Once the card details are populated and you click on submit, you will be asked for 3D Secure Authorization
  4. Once you are ready, click on the 3D Secure Authorization button and it will complete the payment
FIgure 18 – 3D Secure Authorization

You will then see a confirmation popup that the operation was sucessful.

Figure 19 – Operation Successful

Once completed, the order will no longer be shown in the Credit Card Authorization Required Page.

Credit Card Details

All of the credit cards which you have stored, saved and used can be seen on the Credit Card page.

Simply use the Delete button if you want to delete any credit cards you no longer want to use.

Figure 20 – Saved Credit Cards
Updated on April 21, 2021

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