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Microsoft Teams Challenge

What is the Teams Challenge?

We have created the Microsoft Teams Challenge to gamify productivity and adoption of Teams. The challenge will make it more fun and will encourage your employees to engage with Microsoft Teams.

  • The more your employees leverage Microsoft Teams, the larger their fish grow, and they can see where they rank on the leaderboard.
  • On top of that, the more your employees leverage Microsoft Teams, the more “PyraCoins” you can earn.
  • These coins can then be exchange for SoftwareONE services vouchers.

Is my company eligible?

If you are currently a SoftwareONE 365Simple, Unified Support and PyraCloud cloud spend customers, you are entitled to the Teams Challenge, specifically:

  • 365 Simple – Basic, Advanced, Premium
  • Unified Support for O365
  • PyraCloud Cloud Spend Management for Office365

My company is currently not eligible, how do I get access to this?

Please connect with your SoftwareONE account representative who can discuss options.

What are the free service vouchers offered in exchange for PyraCoins?

There are three service vouchers you can choose from:

  1. One hour consulting for Office365 chargeback
  2. 365 Spend Optimization Assessment
  3. VIEW Workshop for O365

How many PyraCoins does my company need to collect to get the voucher?

Your company need to collect 25 PyraCoins to receive the services voucher. We are currently offering one service voucher per customer i.e. you can redeem your voucher after collecting the initial 25 PyraCoins.

What counts towards PyraCoins?

Number of Meetings, Chats and Calls in Teams.

How does my company redeem the voucher?

Your PyraCloud Admin can redeem the voucher. They will see a golden “Get Voucher” button on the top left of the fish tank. When they click on this, a modal window will pop up where they can select which service option they would like.

Once they have selected their option, an email will be sent to a SoftwareONE representative who will be in contact to discuss details.

Is this secure?

Yes it is. This is not an open url or app, it is only accessible to registered PyraCloud and 365Simple customers.

Note: all GDPR related topics are the responsibility of customers.

Note: PyraCloud is using Microsoft Graph API and can only see aggregated data, detail described here

Will I be able to see other organizations data?

No. You will only be able to see data from your own tenant. You cannot see any other company’s data.

What should I do if I need help?

Please contact your SoftwareONE account representative if you have any questions about this.

Updated on June 11, 2020

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