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New PyraCloud Authentication

You may have noticed some changes when logging in or when changing your password.

We are currently changing the way PyraCloud authenticates users. This will help us to improve the security of PyraCloud for you.

Changed login behaviour during the migration period

This change is temporary during the time of user migration.  The PyraCloud login page is unchanged, except for the new notification message you will see:

Figure 1 – Standard PyraCloud login

When you enter your user name, PyraCloud realizes that you have been migrated. The password field is hidden and you see the “Continue” button. (This is required because we support the old and new way to login in parallel).

Figure 2 – Login after migration

After you click on “Continue” you are forwarded to a separate login page. Your username is already filled out and you can enter your password and click on the “Log in” button.

Figure 3 – Customized login page

PyraCloud now enforces strong passwords

PyraCloud only informed you about the strength of the password and did not enforce strong passwords up to now.  You now need to choose a strong password.

Select “Change Password” for your user:

Figure 4 – Change Password

You can only choose a password that complies with the following rules:

Figure 5 – Password characters
Updated on October 13, 2020

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