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Notification Hub

The Notification Hub provides users with a centralised place to view and manage all system and user notifications for PyraCloud.

Figure 1 – Notification Hub main page

Platform notifications can be divided into:

  1. System notifications – these notifications are usually associated with a user’s profile on the platform. User cannot subscribe/unsubscribe from these notifications (ie. “Your digital signature was successfully received and tenant onboarding will proceed.”)
  2. User notifications – these are PyraCloud feature notifications, as seen in the image above, to which a user needs to explicitly subscribe in order to start receiving them (see “Settings” page for more details)

By nature notifications have a short life span, so please keep in mind that all notifications will be erased after 30 days, regardless of whether they have been read or not.

Checking Notifications

Notification Hub is globally available throughout PyraCloud via the header navigation and a bell icon (see image below).

Figure 2 – Click on the “bell” icon to access Notification Hub

When you have a new unread notification(s), the “bell” icon will also show the number of unread notifications.

Click on the “bell” icon to get to the main page of Notification Hub.

Finding Your Way Around

Notification Hub main page is divided into 4 main areas:

  1. Navigation bar – navigate between the notifications and settings page
  2. Action bar – filter by “Topic”, toggle between read & unread messages and mark all messages as read with a single click
  3. Notification listing
  4. Notification details

Action bar

A quick overview of filtering by “Topic”.

Figure 7 – Click on Topic dropdown to explore all topics and narrow down notification listing

By clicking on “Topic” you can drill down into specific PyraCloud area.

Bold values represent topics which have unread messages (for example in the image above those would be “Consumption” and “Credit Memo“).

Figure 8 – Content filtered by “Consumption” topic

Once “Topic” is selected you can further narrow down the list by clicking on the “Show unread only” toggle button in order to only display unread messages.

To mark all unread messages as read, just click on the blue “Mark all as Read” button. This button will work even if “Topic” is not selected and it will always show the count of messages that will be affected.

Settings page

The “Settings” page allows you to opt-in/out from different areas in PyraCloud and define the communication channel. Available delivery options are:

  • Web (turned on by default and cannot be turned off)
  • E-mail
  • SMS
Figure 9 – “Settings” page

NOTE: topics shown in the image above may differ from what you see as it will display only those topics you are entitled to.

To start receiving SMS messages, ensure you:

  1. Add your phone number by clicking on the link at the top right corner and
  2. Validate the number upon receiving a validation code
Figure 10 – Setup a phone a number to receive SMS notifications


I don’t see the notifications that I’m interested in
Try the following:
1. Go to “Settings” and make sure you see the topics you are interested in
2. Check whether that topic is turned on
3. If the above didn’t help, talk to your Admin and/or PyraCloud Account Team
I am not getting e-mail notifications
Try some of the following:
1. In “Settings” under your desired topic, make sure “E-mail” delivery option is checked
2. Check your “Spam” and/or “Trash” folder and if necessary whitelist pyracloud.com domain
3. If none of above worked talk to your Admin and/or PyraCloud Account Team
I am not getting SMS
Try some of the following:
1. Make sure you have setup your phone number
2. Make sure you have validated your phone number (try to re-validate)
3. Make sure your desired topics are turned on
4. If none of above worked Talk to your Admin and/or PyraCloud Account Team

Updated on December 7, 2020

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