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Request Product Pricing

If you do not see pricing information for the product you are looking for, you can create a special quote for non-catalog products.

Creating Special Quotes

There are three ways you can create a Special Quote Request in PyraCloud. This can be done through one of the following:

  • Products and Services Page
  • Special Quote Menu
  • Procurement Workbench Page

Creating Special Quotes from Products and Services Page

Navigate to Buy > Products and Services.

Figure 1 – Navigating to Special Quotes from Products & Services

This will open the Product & Services Page, click on “New Request” to create a new special quote as shown below:

Figure 2 – Product and Services Page

Creating Special Quotes from the Menu

Navigate to Inventory > Special Quotes as shown below:

Figure 3 – Navigate to Special Quotes from Menu

This will open the “Special Quotes” Page, click on “New Request” to create a new special quote as shown below:

Figure 4 – Special Quote New Request

Creating Special Quotes from Procurement Workbench

Navigate to Buy > Procurement Workbench

Figure 5 – Navigating to Procurement Workbench

Click on “Open Requests” and scroll down to the bottom to see the option to create the special quote request as shown below:

Figure 6 – Open Request and Special Quote

Users can also create a Special Quote Request for a product in the following scenarios:

  • An item is no longer in your catalog
  • The price is no longer valid but is still in your catalog
  • You need to search outside of your catalog from top publishers
Figure 7 – Special Quote Request Scenarios

Special Quote Creation

After accessing the special quote request page, enter all of the required information.

Note: The publisher and products fields will offer you suggestions from the current catalog. However, you can still enter your own entries if there is no suitable result.

Figure 8 – Special Quote Request Page

Checking the “Renewal” checkbox indicates that this request is not for a new product but instead the renewal of existing product.

When you enter Publsiher details, an additional section will open where you can enter details of the products specific to that publisher as shown below:

You need to enter at least one Product to submit a request.

Figure 9 – Additional Product fields for Selected Publsiher

Click on the “Add … Product” button to request additional publisher products.

All requested products will be assigned to one request, however they will be displayed in separate row for each requested product as shown below.

Figure 10 – Example of a request with 2 products

As this is one single request, all of the attached documents will be visible on any of the “Detail pages” that share the same Request No.

Once you click “Submit” you will see a confirmation message which includes the special quote “Document Number” as shown below:

Figure 11 – Confirmation Message

You have the option to select whether you would like to receive an email confirmation by clicking “Yes” or “No”. Clicking any of these two options will take you back to the products page.

You can also create a special quote from the “Request Special Quote from our Team” button at the bottom of the Product & Services page as shown below:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-9-1024x146.png
Figure 12 – Request Special Quote from our Team

Switching between different products of the same request

As described in the previous section each Product Request is represented in a separate row in the Special Quotes Overview, even if they are from the same request.

When looking at the details of a special quote, you will see any other products that are part of the same request displayed in a box on the top left corner “Other products” as shown below:

Figure 13 – Multiple Product Requests

Each entry links to the respective product so that it is easy to switch between the products.

Deleting multiple product requests

Deleting multiple product requests can be done in the usual way. It is possible to trigger the deletion from any of the products of the request.

Note: Please note that the whole request with all of the requested products will be deleted. It is not possible to delete only a single product request from a multple product request.

Finding your Special Quotes

There are two ways you can access Special Quotes, through the Special Quotes Menu and through Procurement Workbench.

Access through Special Quotes Menu

Navigate to Inventory > Special Quotes as shown below:

Figure 14 – Navigating to Special Quotes

This will open the “Special Quotes” Page which displays a list of all special quotes.  This provides the full history of all special quote requests.

Figure 15 – List of Special Quotes

The search can be customized by filtering the special quotes by date, publisher, status etc.

Access through Procurement Workbench

Navigate to Buy > Procurement Workbench.

Figure 16 – Navigating to Procurement Workbench

This will open the Procurement Workbench page where you can see a quick summary of all your Open Request.

Clicking on the “Open Requests” tab will show you the detailed list of your open requests.

Figure 17 – Open Requests

Customizing Special Quotes List

You can also customize the columns in the special quotes list as per your requirement. The steps below need to be performed to customize the columns.

On the extreme right hand side on top of the grid, click on “Customize”, this will open a list of all available columns.

All columns that are currently displayed have checkmarks next to their names. Tick the check mark against the columns to be displayed, and untick the check mark against the columns to be hidden.

This image has an empty alt attribute
Figure 18 – Customizing Special Quotes List

If you would like to have these customizations available on your next login, click on “Save Configurations”.

Updated on December 7, 2020

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