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Setup Purchase Approval Workflows

PyraCloud workflow enables users to set up multi-step approval workflows depending on price or publisher.

Workflows and approval groups are created in PyraCloud to significantly simplify configuration and maintenance of approval limits and assignment of these limits to the individuals.

This approach uses the notion of “Approval Groups” that represents a set of individuals who are allowed to approve the orders. Approval groups are then assigned to users.

The purpose of approval groups is to create a collection of users who will be responsible for approvals. To reduce the effort to maintain a group we can link approval groups together by parent-child relationships.

Each approval group can only have one parent but can be used as the child in many approval groups.

Note: Only the Admin would have access to this feature. In case this access is required for any other user, either an admin can set up this access or the user would have to reach out to their SoftwareONE representative to receive it.

Setting up Purchase Approval Groups

PyraCloud allows users to set up to 3 levels of purchase approval groups.

Approval Groups represent a set of individuals who are allowed to approve the orders. Below are the steps needed to be followed to set up purchase approval groups:

  • Login to the PyraCloud portal
  • Click on “Purchase Approval Setup” under the Setup tab
Figure 1 – Navigating to Purchase Approval Setup

This will open up the “Purchase Approval Setup” page.

Figure 2 – Purchase Approval Setup

To create a new approval group click on the “+New Group” button.

Figure 3 – Add new group

This will open a “Create Approval Group” window. Enter the name of the approval group, approval level (1/2/3), define the login/s and click “Create”.

Figure 4 – New Group Setup

Clicking on create will create an approval group; if an order created by the user exceeds the allowed spending limit, then individuals in the approval group will be listed as valid approvers. These approval groups can be linked together by creating parent-child relationships.

Setting up an Approval Workflow

Click on “Login Administration” under the Company Tab.

Figure 5 – Login Administration Menu

Clicking on Login Administration will redirect you to the “Login Administration”
page, which will have a list of all users with PyraCloud access.

You can edit user permissions and setup an individual workflow/approval for each SoftwareONE subsidiary the user can conduct business with.

Figure 6 – Login Administration Page

Click on the “magnifying glass” icon under the “Actions” tab.

Figure 7 – Navigating to Portal Login Details

Clicking on the magnifying glass will take you to the ”Portal Login Detail” page, which will allow the user to perform a number of actions such as modifying user permissions, settings, and access rights. Along with these settings, we can create workflow rules for the user on this page.

Figure 8 – Portal Login Details

To access the “Approval Workflow Setup” page directly click on the “money bag icon”
under the “Action” tab.

Figure 9 – Navigating to Approval Workflow Setup

Clicking on money bag icon will open the “Approval Workflow Setup” page, which allows you to create rules for the users.

Figure 10 – Approval Workflow Setup Page
  • Purchase Approval Group: This is the group that would approve the user’s transaction whenever the approval would be required
  • Currency: This is to set up the currency on which the rule would be applicable. If “Any” is selected, the rule would be applicable to all currencies
  • Publisher: This allows you to select the publisher if you want to create a workflow role for a specific publisher. If “any” is selected, the workflow rules would be applicable to all.
  • Total Amount: This defines a limit to which amount a user can purchase without approval. This is defined based on currency, manufacturer, where manufacturers are possible wild cards. If the user makes any transaction that is exceeding this amount, then an approval would be required from the selected purchase approval group.

Once these fields are defined, you can click on “Create Rule” and then save.

Blocking Users

To block any user click on the “lock icon” under the “Action” tab.

Figure 11 – Blocking a User

Updated on October 15, 2020

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