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Software Assets Onboarding

Configuring Software Assets Integration

To configure Software Assets integration, you first need to visit “Cloud Tenant Setup”. You can find this by clicking on Setup in the main navigation menu and selecting Cloud Tenant Setup.

Figure 1 – Cloud Tenant Setup navigation

In Cloud Tenant Setup you can enable software assets integration by clicking the Activate button.

Note: The Software Assets row is only visible for PyraCloud admin accounts.

Figure 2 – Cloud Tenant Setup account list

Once you have clicked on Activate, the activate account will be visible in Spend Management ( Resources / Budgets / Consumption ) within 24 hours.

Figure 3 – Cloud Tenant Setup activated assets

Managing Iteration Settings

Additional configuration of the integration can be accessed by clicking Manage. Here you can control transaction filtering or turn off the integration.

By default filtering is turned on. This means that transactions relating to Azure or O365 will not be visible in the Spend Management modules.

Note: Any changes to filtering settings will take effect after 24 hours.

Figure 4 – Managing Integration Settings

Take caution when disabling software asset integration. You can always enable it again, however all transaction allocation and/or tag assignments will need to be re-done.

Updated on October 13, 2020

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