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Updating a Single 365Simple subscription


In order to plan for attrition or the next step in your cloud migration strategy, you may wish to update a single 365Simple subscription. This article will guide you through adjusting the quantity or status of a single 365Simple subscription.

First step is to sign in to PyraCloud at https://portal.softwareone.com/.

Once the PyraCloud dashboard has loaded, click on Buy in the navigation menu and click Cloud Subscriptions.

Figure 1 – Navigating to Cloud Subscriptions

This will open the Cloud Subscriptions page. To access your subscriptions, click the “My Subscriptions” tab.

Figure 2 – My Subscriptions

Update a 365Simple Subscription

Once the My Subscriptions module has loaded, you will see your tenant at the top of the screen. You will also see the estimated monthly cost of your subscriptions. Tenant and Contract Details are hidden by default. You can click on the dropdown to expand Tenant and Contract Details.

Figure 3 – Tenant and Contract Details

Below the tenant details, you will see a complete list of your active, suspended, and recently deleted subscriptions and add-ons.

Click an active or suspended subscription or add-on in order to adjust its quantity or status.

Figure 4 – Subscription / Add-on Details

Edit the License Quantity or Subscription Status of the subscription. Note the following:

  1. You cannot edit the quantity of a suspended subscription
  2. If you are switching a subscription from suspended to active, you can also update the quantity of the subscription.

If you have adjusted the subscription, the previous quantity and status will be show under the License Quantity.

You also have the option to add a note describing the changes you are making.

Figure 5 – Adjust the License Quantity and/or Status

The Update Subscription button will be enabled once you accept the PyraCloud Terms of Use.

Click Update Subscription to apply the adjustments to your subscription immediately.

Figure 6 – Wait for your changes to be applied

PyraCloud may take up to 30 seconds to apply your changes. Please be patient while this happens. You may navigate away from this page while the updates are being made – this will not cancel the update process.

Once your updates have been applied, the page will be updated.

Important: The adjusted license quantity should be immediately updated in the Microsoft Office Portal, however on occasion it has been known to take up to 30 minutes for the changes to be applied. Please be patient.

Figure 7 – Your update has been applied

Click View Order if you would like to view more details about your order in the “Billings” section.

You can learn more about the Billings section in our “Understanding the Cloud Subscription Billing Page for 365Simple” article.

Click on Manage Subscriptions to continue managing your 365Simple tenant in the “My Subscriptions” section.

You can learn moare about the My Subscription ssection in our “Understanding my 365Simple Subscriptions” article.

Updated on December 7, 2020

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