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Updating a single AzureSimple subscription


In order to plan for new projects and environments or standardize your existing Azure subscriptions, you may wish to update the details of the Azure subscriptions you already own. This article will guide you through the functionality available to you as an AzureSimple customer in Cloud Subscriptions.

After you sign in to PyraCloud and the PyraCloud dashboard has been displayed, click on Buy in the navigation menu and click Cloud Subscriptions.

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Figure 1 – Navigate to Cloud Subscriptions

This will open the Cloud Subscriptions page. To access your subscriptions, click the “My Subscriptions” tab.

Figure 2 – Click ‘My Subscriptions’

Click AzureSimple if it is not already selected. Note that Cloud Subscriptions will remember your selected setting when you return. If you do not own AzureSimple subscriptions, this toggle will not be visible.

Figure 3 – Click AzureSimple

Manage Subscriptions

The list of your current AzureSimple subscriptions is displayed. You can manage your existing subscriptions in the following ways:

  1. Change the Subscription Name
  2. Add a Subscription Owner
  3. Add or update Your Internal Details associated with the subscription

Change the Subscription Name

To rename a subscription, click one of the subscriptions in the list. The Subscription Details will be displayed.

Figure 4 – AzureSimple subscription details

Update the Subscription Name value and click Update Subscription.

Figure 5 – Update the subscription name

Add a Subscription Owner

To add a subscription owner, navigate to the Subscription Details page and scroll down to the Subscription Owners card. Start by searching for the name of a user in your organization by typing in the drop-down.

Figure 6 – Search for a user

Once you have found the user, click their name in the drop-down and click Add.

Figure 7 – Add the user

The user appears in the grid below.

Figure 8 – The user has been added

Add or update Internal Details

To add a or update Your Internal Details, navigate to the Subscription Details page and scroll down to the Internal Details card. Update one or more of the following fields:

  • Your Reference
  • Your PO Number 1
  • Your PO Number 2
Figure 9 – Your Internal Details

Click Save. Your Internal Details are updated.

Figure 10 – Your Internal Details are updated
Updated on November 10, 2020

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