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What has changed in the new 365 Analyics?

We have made a number of enhancements to 365 Analytics in PyraCloud to provide you with more visibility and control of your Microsoft 365 environment.

Our Introduction to 365 Analytics article has userful videos that provide an overview of the new experience as well as how to customize dashboards and reports.

The below table lists out the reporting changes.

Legacy 365 AnalyticsNew 365 Analytics
Inactive Users by ServiceInactive Users by Service
Active Users by DayComing Soon
InventoryTenant Details Report (views now spread over a few reports)
Office 365 Service StatusYes
Our Service StatusN/A
Accepted DomainsTenant Details Report
Exec ReportDeprecated – now Report Template
Mail Traffic OverviewMail Traffic
Internal vs ExternalComing Soon
Spam and MailwareMail Traffic
Top Senders and ReceiversTop Mail
Top Distribution ListsTop Mail
Top Spam and MalwareComing Soon – Currently shows aggregated data
Inactive Distribution ListsInactive and Underused Objects
Inactive Mail RecipientsInactive and Underused Objects
Mail Traffic UserTop Mail
Mail Traffic PivotMail Traffic
MailboxesExchange Tables
ContactsExchange Contacts
Mailbox SizesTop Mail
Mailbox Sizes over timeComing Soon – Will be added to Mailboxes Sizes Report
Inactive Exchange UsersExchange Settings
Exchange Logins per DayComing Soon
Email AddressesExchange Tables
Mailboxes over QuotaComing Soon
Shared Mailboxes SizesShared Mailboxes
Reciepients by TypeExchange Tables
Reciepient count over timeComing Soon
Total Mail Storage over timeComing Soon – Will be added to Mailboxes Sizes Report
Users with Archive MailboxExchange Tables
Users with Forward SetExchange Tables
Inactive MailboxesInactive And Underused Objects
Archive Mailbox SizesExchange Tables
Public Folder ExplorerPublic Folder Explorer
Inactive Skype UsersSkype for Business Usage
Skype Activities per DaySkype for Business Usage
Skype Activities  Skype for Business Usage
Client Devices Per DayComing Soon
Skype for Business User Activity PivotDeprecated – usage in Skype Usage Report
Teams Daily Activity ReportTeams Usage/Teams Top View
User Activity (Teams)Teams Usage
Tenant Activity (Teams)Teams Usage
Teams Device ActivityComing Soon
Yammer ActivitiesYammer Usage
GroupsGroup Details
Group SizesGroup Details
Groups Accepting External EmailComing Soon
Group ListGroup Details
Empty GroupsInactive And Underused Objects
Office 365 Groups ActivityComing Soon
Office 365 Groups Daily ActivityComing Soon
Mobile UsersMobile Devices Overview – Also Intune Reports if Intune enabled
Mobiles Devices by OSMobile Devices Overview – Also Intune Reports if Intune enabled
Policy Application StatusMobile Devices Overview
Mobiles Users by ClientMobile Device Type and Distribution
Folders Synchronized per DeviceComing Soon
Devices by Access StateMobile Devices Overview
Inactive Mobile DevicesComing Soon
Mobile Device PivotMobile Device Type and Distribution
User Mailbox Security Mailbox Security Overview
Shared Mailbox SecurityMailbox Security Overview
Users by Retention PolicyMailbox Security Charts
Mailboxes on HoldMailbox Security Tables
User Password SettingsPassword Polices and Settings
Last Password ChangePassword Polices and Settings
Administrative RolesAdminstraive Roles and Global Administrators
Mailbox AuditingMailbox Security Tables
Subscription OverviewSubscriptions Overview
License Usage over TimeComing Soon
License by ServiceLicense Overview
Product Activations by UserMicrosoft 365 Apps Activations
Users with not activated ProductsMicrosoft 365 Apps Activations
License PivotLicense Overview
Subscription Cost analyserSubscription Overview
Subscription Products AnalyticsSubscription Overview
SharePoint ExplorerSharePoint Explorer
Site CollectionsSharePoint Settings and Usage
Site Collection AdminsSharePoint Explorer
Top Sites by SizeSharePoint Settings and Usage
User Activity (SharePoint)SharePoint Settings and Usage
Top User Activity (SharePoint)SharePoint Settings and Usage
Site UsageSharePoint Settings and Usage
StorageSharePoint Settings and Usage
Storage over TimeComing Soon
PermissionsSharePoint Explorer
Inactive ObjectsInactive And Underused Objects
Sharing SettingsSharePoint Settings and Usage
Versioning SettingsSharePoint Settings and Usage
Auditing SettingsSharePoint Settings and Usage
GroupsGroup Details
Group MembershipComing Soon
External UsersComing Soon
Top OneDrive UsersOneDrive Usage
User Activities (OneDrive)OneDrive Usage
OneDrive Storage HistoryOneDrive Usage
Custom ReportReport Center
Custom PivotReport Center
CC Legal hold UsersOn Request
CC Exchange Storage OverviewOn Request
CC OneDriveOn Request
Updated on September 30, 2020

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