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What are the differences between Subscription Manager and Cloud Subscriptions?

We initially developed Subscription Manager to help you to manage your exiting license quantities for your Office 365 Subscriptions.

We wanted to enhance this functionality so users could also buy new subscriptions, so we developed the new Cloud Subscriptions experience.

You can now use the new Cloud Subscription features in PyraCloud to search for and buy new services, manage subscription status, seat counts and review your order history.

Cloud Subscription is comprised of three modules:

  • Marketplace: Use the Marketplace to purchase new subscriptions or add-ons in your existing 365Simple tenant
  • My Subscriptions: Use “My Subscriptions” to adjust the license quantity and/or status of your existing 365Simple subscriptions
  • Billing: Use “Billing” to view the history of your Marketplace purchases and the adjustments

The below table outlines enhanced functionality that you now receive with Cloud Subscriptions:

FeatureCloud SubscriptionsSubscription Manager
Increase /Decrease number of seats of existing subscriptionsYesYes
Suspend / Reactivate existing subscriptionsYesYes
Manage existing Add-OnsYesYes
See monthly costs of existing subscriptionsYesYes
Manage several Microsoft tenantsYesYes
Order History (Log)YesYes
Search full MarketplaceYes 
Purchase net new productsYes 
Purchase additional subscriptions of existing productsYes 
Purchase Add-Ons based on existing base subscriptionYes 
Purchase Add-Ons based on new base subscriptionYes 
Add and manage internal references for each subscriptionYes 
Table: Cloud Subscriptions vs Subscription Manager

If you would like to learn more about Cloud Subscriptions please read our “Introduction to Cloud Subscriptions” article.

Updated on May 20, 2020

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