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Where Can I View My Generated Reports?

PyraCloud Reports summarize all of your companies purchasing interactions on the platform. This makes it quicker and easier for you to find and review purchasing information so you can make informed business decisions.

On the PyraCloud home page, click on the “Analyze” icon on the left bar called the ‘main PyraCloud navigation bar.

A new menu bar will open with further options. Select “Reports“.

Figure 1 – Navigating to Reports

The system will redirect you to our ‘Reports‘ page. Select Scheduled to see any reports you have scheduled or History to review all reports that have previously been generated.


In the Schedule tab, you can see all the schedules reports that have been generated. You can filter by any column, download and also execute actions.

Figure 2 – Scheduled Reports

On the Action column, click on the three dots and select Edit, Pause or Delete to update your scheduled report as below:

Figure 3 – Actions


An extra option is to select the History tab to manage the reports. You can search and filter the data to view generated reports.

On the Action column, you can click on the three dots and share your reports, Delete or Report the problem as below:

Figure 4 – History

Updated on August 13, 2021

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